PARLOS Faucet Mounting Hardware Repair Tool Kit (Locknuts, Plastic Escutcheon, Indicator Button, Hex Key Pack), 2103501

Sale price$8.99


  • Locking Nuts to secure faucet for Deck mount.
  • Plastic Escutchon (Tips: The side with stick out face up to the faucet).
  • Allen Key for tigtening the screws on faucet Handles.
  • Hot and Cold rubber dots for cover the securing screw of faucet handle. 
  • Fits with various PARLOS Faucet. Check Compatability Information of Faucet Model.


Compatible with PARLOS Faucet Model 13597, 13598, 1359804, 1359808, 13627, 1362708, 13628, 14134, 1431602, 1431604, 
Package Includes Plastic Escutcheon, Mounting Nuts, Hex Key, Hot and Cold Indicator Buttons


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