Buyers must purchase Parlos faucets from this website to be eligible for 30-day trial terms, returns and refund services.

  1. The 30-day trial is only applicable to Parlos shop.
  1. Buyers must purchase faucets from this website to get a 30-day trial.
  1. The return arrangement can be provided 14 days (two weeks) after the faucet is delivered or collected, because your habits may take time to adapt to the new faucet.
  1. If the faucet is not suitable, the buyer must send an email containing your order to within 20 days from the date of delivery to apply for a return. The return shipping fee is paid by the buyer.
  1. After returning the faucet to Parlos' third-party warehouse, a refund will be arranged immediately.
  1. Faucets that must be donated and returned are eligible for return. If it is found that the return/refund request is artificially damaged or defaced or has structural problems in the non-manufacturing process, we will not accept it. Although the returned faucets will not be resold, we will try our best to donate the returned faucets to local charities so that people in need can enjoy clean faucets.
  1. The refund does not include any fees charged by the buyer's credit card issuer.