2020 How to choose a best bathroom sink faucet

Heavy metal precipitation

The 16 heavy metal elements, including lead, and 17 precipitation value indicators should all meet the corresponding standards. Among them, the statistical value of lead precipitation cannot be greater than 5μg/L.


Handle safety

In the latest national standards, the safety of the handle is also required, and in the process of purchasing, we should pay attention to whether the handle of the faucet is light, stable and free of jamming. Whether the fit between the handle and the valve core is firmly during use, and there is no sign of looseness.


Electroplating process

A good surface electroplating process usually requires a 24-hour acid salt spray test and reaches the level 10 standard. When purchasing, pay attention to whether the surface of the faucet purchased is smooth as a mirror, whether the coating is even, and whether there are traces of yellowing, burns, peeling of the skin, impurities, etc. After touching it with your hand, a product that is easy to disperse fingerprints is better.


Faucet material

The healthier faucet materials on the market today are copper and stainless steel. Among them, the safe copper faucet has good corrosion resistance and antibacterial properties. Pay attention to the weight and copper content of the copper product (not less than 59%) when purchasing. When purchasing, it can be weighed and light Tap to judge the quality. For stainless steel products, you can choose 304 stainless steel, which is not only more heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant, but also has better compression resistance.


Spool durability

Ceramic valve core is currently the most widely used material for faucets. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, easy operation, good sealing and stable performance. For the durability of the spool, the country also has relevant standard requirements. The spool switch life of single-handle single-control and double-handle dual-control products should exceed 200,000 times to ensure smooth use. The spool switch life of a single-soldier dual-control products should exceed 7 Ten thousand times guarantee smooth use. When purchasing a faucet, the fluency of the switch can be judged by whether the faucet is opened and closed easily and not easily.


Backflow prevention performance
When purchasing, you can check the relevant certificate or ask the shopping guide to confirm whether the faucet product has the anti-backflow performance. The faucet product with this performance can prevent the sewage from being sucked back into the pipe network and avoid the source of drinking water in the pipe network. Contaminated, endangering human health.


Constant temperature performance
In addition to the pressure resistance and durability of the faucet, there are also corresponding national standards in terms of temperature resistance. The faucet that provides cold and hot water should be able to withstand the temperature of 4-90℃ within the specified water pressure (static pressure not greater than 1.0MPa) temperature. When purchasing, you can ask the shopping guide to show the corresponding test certificate. Good temperature-resistant products also guarantee the safety of the faucet to a certain extent.


Identification certificate
If you really can’t tell, consumers can choose to buy branded faucets in regular markets and supermarkets. Brand-name products have the manufacturer's brand logo. Informal products or low-quality products often only stick some paper labels, or even no marks. The faucet packaging box should also contain the manufacturer’s brand logo, quality assurance certificate and after-sales service. Please pay attention to it when purchasing.


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